Joseph Franklin, founder of Onic, is a musician and composer from Melbourne, Australia. Having spent the last ten years living in Melbourne and Berlin working as a bassist, music producer & songwriter, he has enjoyed extraordinary opportunities and honed his skills with a diverse array of musicians and environments.

A former member of ARIA-nomiated indie-rock band Dukes of Windsor and Planet Love Sound, he has toured around Australia as well as Germany, Netherlands and Belgium and, together with these bands, has released multiple albums. 

Recently, he composed a body of flamenco-inspired nylon-string contrabass works in the south of Spain, sung with Gregorian monks at an Abbeye de Solesmes in France, recorded music of the Peruvian Amazon, lived in Istanbul, Turkey to study Turkish music and work with Darbuka virtuoso of the Turkish split-hand technique, Raquy Danziger.